Our Team

  • Eva, Centre Manager


    Originally from Ireland, I have found my home away from home in Melbourne. Having started my journey as a student working in the early years sector, I knew then this was the career I wanted to choose. I moved from Ireland in 2017 and have found my love for the early years all over again. After studying my Diploma of Childhood Education and Care, I completed my Bachelor of Supervisory Management.  Over 10 years, I have progressed in various roles in the sector in Ireland before leaving my role as a Centre Manager in 2017.

    I joined Samantha's Camberwell in 2020. It’s been a steep learning curve which I believe has shaped my philosophy today. I have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge through the changes of 2020.  The sense of community and the interactions are of genuine value. Every day is incredibly rewarding, the role we place in shaping young lives of young children is huge, I love that we empower and shape this.  

    I am a passionate Centre Manager who is collaborative and supportive to my team to ensure high standards of education and care are always met. I believe in providing a safe, secure, and warming environment that sees children are healthy, happy, and secure to develop important emotional, social, and intellectual skills and children and families feel they have a sense of identity and belonging.  

    It is an honour to lead and be part of a fantastic team who provide a safe, stimulating learning environment for each individual child. After all, there is no I in teamwork. 

  • Fleur, Nursery Educator


     My passion for as long as I can remember is educating and caring for children. I started working as a teaching assistant in 2011. When I moved to Australia in 2014 I began working as a nanny, before starting at Samantha's in 2015. Whilst working I have completed my Cert III and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. In July 2020, I began studying my Bachelors degree. During my time working at Samantha's, I have worked as a room leader and assistant in each of the rooms. I am passionate about giving children a voice to be heard, developing their sense of self whilst adopting a Montessori style approach to education. I have a strong interest in working with children with additional needs and supporting their pastroal needs. I have been heavily influenced by my parents professional backgrounds in mental health. As I am continuing on in my studies, I am working across the centre 2 days a week currently in our nursery room and I love seeing your little ones grow into confident and intelligent little people.

  • Narelle, Toddler Educator


    I have worked with children since the age of 15 when I first became an athletics coach. Following my completion of secondary school, I decided to complete my Certificate III and Diploma of Childhood Education and Care. I love working with children, seeing them grow and develop to be involved learners.  

    I see children as incredibly capable with unique minds. I believe in various aspects from many philosophers, that have changed the way I think of how I teach and educate children.  Loris Malaguzzi states that a child’s parents are their primary teachers, and we are the secondary teachers. From this knowledge, I believe that if I build relationships with parents, it can give children heightened opportunities for learning.

    Other theories I have felt have aligned with my philosophy are Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory, Lev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural theory. However, my main philosophy is nurture. I believe if children are nurtured, it is the foundation for development and learning. I am currently studying a Diploma of Community Services. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, going to boot camp, jogging and personal growth in areas of self-improvement.

  • Pranav, Toddler Educator


    My name is Pranav and I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

    From my own experiences attending daycare, I can say it creates a wondrous foundation to build on further. But, my passion to teach children and support their development began during my placements. I started working as a casual, which gave me an opportunity to visit multiple centres and meet staff and children with different teaching approaches.

     I believe a child is like clay and with the right tools an educator can mold them to be the best versions of themselves. By working here as an assistant educator, I have found my place to continue my wonderful journey.

  • Gabby, Toddler Educator


    My name is Gabby and I’m currently studying my certificate III in Early Childhood Education. I have completed year 12 in 2021, and I am very excited to begin my journey to Primary teaching.

    I’ve always had a passion for young children. This began years ago when I first started engaging with my younger cousins. To be around, and learn about the growth, and development of a young children’s mind is something I aspire to be involved in. In the next few years I hope to continue my learning and improve my knowledge, to further apply my skills. 

    I believe each child has their own unique potential and can achieve goals with the right assistance, and I look forward to helping them achieve this.

  • Sandra, 3 Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher


    I am originally from the city Xi’an which is in central China. I moved to Australia in 2014 and obtained my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Teaching from the University of Melbourne in 2018.

    I am very passionate about teaching young children and helping them grow and develop at their own pace. I enjoy facilitating inspiring learning experiences to extend children‘s motor, cognitive, language, and socio-emotional learning.

    As an Early Childhood Teacher, I believe that each individual child has their own way of learning, and the role of teachers is to create a stimulating and positive learning environment to assist children‘s growth.

  • Atsuko , 3 Year Old Early Childhood Teacher


    Kia Ora Kou Tou, I am a native of Japan and I came to Australia in 2021 from New Zealand, where I lived for over twenty years.

    I believe that all children are unique individuals who have their ways of learning. As a teacher, I strive to support children’s learning by creating fun and stimulating environments with various activities while respecting their initiatives. I also believe in a holistic approach to education.

    I am committed to assisting children’s emotional and social development. My goal is to see the children in our room become confident and competent learners who are healthy in their minds and secure in their sense of belonging. 

  • Linda, 4-year-old Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)


    I have been working in Early Childhood since I left school in the mid-1980s. I have a real passion for teaching and nurturing young children, through respectful and genuine relationships with the children and their families, which recognise and celebrate their cultural identities. I believe children are capable and discerning from infancy. We can support young children’s growth and development through providing a caring, and nurturing environment, where they are supported to be decision makers in their lives while encouraging them to self-regulate their emotions, wonder at their discoveries and share their unique personalities through positive social interactions. As the Educational Leader, I love to support and nurture the learning and understanding of the educators, encouraging them to have high professional standards and to be the best educator they can be, while serving the families in our Centre. I love to see young educators grow and develop a passion for their profession and realise the positive and important role they have in the lives of children.

  • Barkha, 4 Year-Old Kindergarten Educator


    My name is Barkha and I am from India and I moved to Australia in 2016 to pursue further education.

    My love for exploring different cultures and forming meaningful connections is what brought me here. I joined the team at Samantha’s in 2021 while studying for my Graduate Diploma in ECE. I was fortunate enough to start my journey as an educator here, with such a warm and welcoming environment.

    With my bilingual skills and a background in management and leadership, I feel I am a good fit to cater to the needs of children coming from multicultural backgrounds. I believe that it is important to create and maintain an environment where young children have a strong sense of belonging, no matter where they come from, as this is their home away from home.

    Every child is special and deserves to be treated as such.

  • Sophie, 4 Year-Old Kinder Educator


     I have been working in Early Childhood since 2019. I believe each child is precious and needs to be treated with respect at all times. I am passionate about supporting children to be kind, to share and be respectful and honest. As we are a multicultural class, it is important that all children feel safe and have a strong sense that they belong. That, even though we are all different and unique, it is fun building relation ships and learning about our differences and similarities.  

  • Mary, Centre Cook


    I was born and raised in a county north of Christchurch in New Zealand. My father was a GP and my mother a nurse. They both instilled in me a love of nature and acceptance of all cultures. I moved to Melbourne in 1984 and joined a pilot program assisting people with disabilities to live independent lives. I moved on to youth work and stayed in this role for 12 years. I then followed my love of cooking and took on various roles in commercial cooking and worked full time as a chef. I joined Samantha's Childcare – Camberwell in 2018 and I have a passion for providing high-quality nutritious meals for all of the children. I enjoy working in partnership with families and staff to ensure that each child is supported in their dietary needs and I love sharing my recipes and working collaboratively.

  • Derlin, Support Educator-Casual


    Bio to come...

  • Amie, Support Educator-Casual


    I started working in childcare in 2013, in a centre in my home town of Busselton. I eventually moved to Perth then to Melbourne in 2016, where I found my home at Samantha’s Childcare – Camberwell. Since I joined the Centre, I have been inspired by the love, passion and dedication of those around me, and found my own renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm for this career. I have been built into the educator I am today thanks to my team. “What a child can do with help today, they can do alone tomorrow” is my favourite quote and the one I uphold in my professional pedagogy. I strive to help children discover their own competent self-identities, knowing who they are and what amazing things they can and will learn to do.

Our Team