Our Team



Brooke- Centre Manager

My name is Brooke McMillan and I have been privileged to work within the Early Childhood sector for the last 11 years. I first started in 2009 as a trainee studying my Certificate III in Children’s Services. This gave me the opportunity to study while working within childcare centres, as I established my foundations and philosophy of teaching children. Later in 2013, I continued to pursue my studies and completed my Diploma in Early Childhood of Education and Care.

Within those 11 years I have worked in the capacity of an Assistant, Room Leader, 2IC, Centre Manager, Educational Leader and currently in my role as Centre Manager here at Samantha's Childcare and Kindergarten- Camberwell. Also during this time I was also able to pursue my passion for travelling. For 18 months I worked abroad as a nanny in New York City. This allowed me to continue both my passion for working with children and exploring the world.

My passion lies within the spontaneity of children. I love that every day brings something new and different. As educators we have the privilege of building a child’s confidence and self-worth, which I believe to be the most fundamental part of early childhood education. Watching a child become their own person and finding their place in this world is a proud moment as an educator and those are the moments I strive to achieve when delivering a program for children.











Victoria - Nursery Room Leader

I have been working at Samantha's Childcare and Kindergarten for the past 4 years after initially joining as a student. I love working with all age groups but my passion is for under 2’s. I enjoy watching them grow, learn and reach vital milestones in their lives and being available to support and guide them during this transitional phase. I am a warm, caring and inclusive educator and this is also reflected in the environments and experiences that I provide in the Nursery Room.

Alexis - Nursery Educator

 I have been working in the Childcare Sector for 4 years and I have a passion for ongoing learning and professional development. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside families and my team to support the growth, learning and development of the children in my care. I pride myself on my energetic, happy and positive nature.


Fleur - Toddler Room Leader

I have been working in Early Childhood for 4 years and prior to that I was a teaching aid in London, specialising in children with learning difficulties. I am an advocate for supporting children with additional needs and strive for high quality inclusive practices. My philosophy has been shaped by my parent’s professional backgrounds in mental health and psychology. I believe in equal opportunities for all children and the importance of early year’s education and the vital role this plays in shaping young minds. I encourage children to be independent, confident learners who are able to investigate and explore their learning environments through uninterrupted play. I incorporate a range of theorists in my teaching pedagogy, especially Maria Montessori.

Wendy - Toddler Educator

 My journey to being the educator I am today has been influenced by many roles including a martial arts instructor, customer service administrator, gardener, mother to four children and grandmother to 7 children. I adore walking beside little children on their educational journey, offering a variety of scientific, social and creative experiences in response to their needs and interests. I thrive on communicating with families and sharing the joy and wonder in all new milestones and achievements of their children, whilst they are in my care.

Ashleigh - Toddler Educator

I completed my Early Childhood studies straight after leaving school and I have been in this industry for 5 years. I have always had a passion for caring an educating young children, especially extending and scaffolding their learning. I strive to develop positive and respectful relationships with the children and work in partnership with families and the team to achieve personal and professional goals.



Linda - 4 year old Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

I have been working in Early Childhood since I left school in the mid 1980’s. I have a real passion for teaching and nurturing young children, through respectful and genuine relationships with the children and their families, which recognise and celebrate their cultural identities. I believe children are capable and discerning from infancy. We can support young children’s growth and development through providing a caring, and nurturing environment, where they are supported to be decision makers in their lives, while encouraging them to self-regulate their emotions, wonder at their discoveries and share their unique personalities through positive social interactions. As the Educational Leader I love to support and nurture the learning and understanding of the educators, encouraging them to have high professional standards, and to be the best educator they can be, while serving the families in our Centre. I love to see young educators grow and develop a passion for their profession and realise the positive and important role they have in the lives of children.

Amie - 3 year old Kinder Educator

I started working in childcare in 2013, in a centre in my home town of Busselton. I eventually moved to Perth then to Melbourne in 2016, where I found my home at Samantha’s Childcare – Camberwell. Since I joined the Centre, I have been inspired by the love, passion and dedication of those around me, and found my own renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm for this career. I have been built into the educator I am today thanks to my team. “What a child can do with help today, they can do alone tomorrow” is my favourite quote, and the one I uphold in my professional pedagogy. I strive to help children discover their own competent self-identities, knowing who they are and what amazing things they can and will learn to do.

Caitlin - 3 year old Kinder Educator

I am a Diploma qualified educator and have worked in Early Childhood for over 4 years. I am friendly, patient and caring with a bright and bubbly personality. I enjoy getting involved in children’s play and take a hands on approach. My favourite part of the role is knowing that I am a part of the children’s lives and I take great pride and satisfaction in watching them grow and develop whilst in my care.




Jo - 4 year old Kinder Educator

I have been an educator at Samantha's Childcare – Camberwell for over 14 years and during this time I have worked and gained a variety of experience with the various age groups. My passion is for art and craft and encouraging each individual to extend their creativity through the vast assortment of techniques and textures that this subject offers. My philosophy is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework which supports and guides children in their sense of identity, community, wellbeing, start to their school years and beyond.



Mary - Centre Cook

I was born and raised in a country north of Christchurch in New Zealand. My father was a GP and my mother a nurse. They both instilled in me a love of nature and acceptance of all cultures. I moved to Melbourne in 1984 and joined a pilot program assisting people with disabilities to live independent lives. I moved on to youth work and stayed in this role for 12 years. I then followed my love of cooking and took on various roles in commercial cooking and worked full time as a chef. I joined Samantha's Childcare – Camberwell in 2018 and I have a passion for providing high quality nutritious meals for all of the children. I enjoy working in partnership with families and staff to ensure that each child is supported in their dietary needs and I love sharing my recipes and working collaboratively.


Sophie - Support Educator

I believe each child is precious and a unique learner. I am passionate about creating a sense of belonging for all of the children and families in my care and I ensure that they are treated with respect at all times. Learning should be fun and challenging and I collaborate with my team to ensure this is facilitated in our welcoming environments and experiences.

Kayla - 2IC

I have been working in Early Childhood for the past ten years, seven of those years I have been part of Samantha’s Childcare and Kindergarten family working with children aged 3 months to 5 years of age.

I started my journey in the Nursery Room for four and a half years then I moved into a supporting educator role. I am also 2IC and Health & Safety Representative. I enjoy all the roles and I strive to facilitate positive and meaningful relationships with children, families and the team.

I have a passion for encouraging children to express themselves in creative ways through planned or spontaneous activities and experiences to help them find their sense of wellbeing and also to provide children with an environment they can explore whilst feeling safe and secure.